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What is this?

This interactive writing tool has enormous potential for developing creativity among other higher order thinking skills. Inklewriter is a tool for writing interactive stories. It allows users to start a story and then branch out with different options, which can then be put back together thereby creating one story with mutliple developments.

Why is the content good for language learning/teaching?

  • Absolutely intuitive, simple and attractive interface
  • Stories not only include text but may include pictures from the Internet
  • Stories can be easily shared
  • Stories can be turned¬†into e-books (and sold thereafter by paying a small fee)

Some ideas about how to use it in a teaching context

  • Use inklewriter to stimulate creative writing in your classroom. Firstly, negotiate with your students the topic of the story to write; it can be based on a picture or a real life experience common to the group. Then follow this procedure: split the class into four groups and ask group 1A to write the beginning of a story, ask 1B, 1C, and 1D to come up with an alternative continuation for that beginning. Finally, gather all the accounts, assemble the story and then share it among the students.
  • Building on the first activity, if the teacher has different classes of the same level, the story can be given to class 2 to develop the story even further. Once again, split the class into groups, preferably into 3 this time (2A, 2B, 2C). Students can now work on creating even more "alternative accounts". Once sufficient variations have been created, the story could be published online when finances allow.
  • Have group of students vote and select a celebrity they would like to write about. Then in groups, learners use inklewriter to write a biography for their celebrity of choice. Each section could deal with a different aspect. Assuming that they choose a singer, Option 1 could be the story of this public figure, Option 2 a description of their most popular songs including information such as the meaning, the period in which they were written, etc. With inklewriter, learners can use online pictures to enrich their presentations.
  • Learners can also use this tool to come up with a great story of their own (group work mainly) and then exploit grammar/vocabulary points. To illustrate, imagine that learners are writing about a crime that took place in London last month. In their stories, they could write paragraphs with some words/sentences missing and then provide three options. Learners then have to choose the word/sentence that completes the paragraph (as in a multiple choice sort of exercise).


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